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"Remember Dreaming of what you were going to do with your Money from the Tooth Fairy..?"

For Mickey and Minnie their dreams are being fulfilled courtesy of Disney's magical Fairy, Tinkerbell.  Tooth Fairy Dreams is a very sweet piece that will bring back innocent childhood memories like dreaming about spending the Tooth Fairy's money.

Tooth Fairy Dreams (2007)
Edition Size 75 PR
3-D Pop Art
Hand Signed by Charles Fazzino

 Tooth Fairy Dreams
Premiere Edition, 8 X 9 inches unframed, also available framed, click availability link below

This is authentic limited edition artwork by world renowned and highly collected 3-D artist Charles Fazzino.
For Tooth Fairy Dreams, and the first time ever in an animated dental edition, there are two deluxe editions and ONLY two deluxe editions produced (unlike like most Fazzinos which customarily have a regular numbered version with two layers). One of the deluxe editions will be on the standard white background and the other one is on a black background, called the Premiere Edition.  Each edition is limited to only 75 pieces.

Like all Fazzino deluxe editions, each is 3-D with a total of three layers built up, have hand applied glitter and adorned with genuine Swavorski Crystals. Each piece will also be hand numbered, hand titled and hand signed by Charles Fazzino along the bottom border of the artwork.

Tooth Fairy Dreams is the third of only three Disney dental editions by ever done by Fazzino. The first two editions are sold out.  Altogether so far, Charles Fazzino has done 16 editions of dental related art.

Fazzino has a fantastic website that gives you a short video on the nature of

his work and his accomplishments.
Click here to visit Charles Fazzino's information site.

Three more compelling reasons to get this one:

1. First time Tinkerbell, as the tooth fairy, is used in a dental themed animation art piece
2. It's appropriate for any dental office, Pediatric, Orthodontic or General
3. It will soon to be be a sold out limited edition, along with the others

Owning this brings personal enjoyment and the admiration of those who pass by. You will get many years of satisfaction from it.  This collectible goes perfect in a Dental office or in your home and brightens up any wall.
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